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The 108 transmissions of the tradition

The 108 modules of the complete transmission


For years Denys Rinpoche prepared a complete transmission program of the Buddha tradition and its yogic lineage Shangpa Kagyü « Mahâmudra-Dzogchen ». He wished to pass on the inheritance received by his Master Vajradhâra Kalu Rangjung Künchab, as holder of the lineage. And thus he organized 108 transmissions of the complete transmission, in French for today’s practitioners.

This complete transmission of the Buddha tradition starts with a general introduction of the dharma and its most profound practices of Mahâmudra and Dzogchen. It is structured in 108 transmission modules each combining study and practice. They address successively Listeners, Practitioners, Elders, Elders, and Great Elders. The five levels correspond to three paths : the path to self liberation, the universal path and the initiatory path. The first one is addressed to Apprentices, the second to practitioners, and the last to the Elders and Great Elders.

In this general progression each practitioner follows a specific course corresponding to his receptivity and motivation, it being understood that it isn’t essential, even in the perspective of a complete progress, to accomplish all the modules.

Rinpoche guides and follows the practitioners, orienting them through the different courses following their aspirations and personal circumstances.

The 108 transmissions associated with the five levels and three paths

1 - A general introduction to the Buddha path (10 modules)
is addressed to everyone, any listener, who wishes to follow the teachings of the Buddha and experience meditation.

2 - the path to self liberation (13 modules)
is addressed to Apprentices and corresponds to the path to self liberation centred around the development of the authentic person with the practice of "mindfulness-full awareness" and the life discipline of attentive and open presence.

3 - The universal path (11 modules)
is addressed to Practitioners, it includes the study of the steps of the path following the traditional treaties. Its practice is the regular study of the heart-mind and personal retreats.

4 - The initiatory path of the Elders (18 modules)
It includes the study of the practice of Immense Kindness associated with the seminary with personal retreats and also, optionally, the meditation instructor training.

5 - The initiatory path of the Great Elders (38 modules)
It specifically corresponds to the traditional program of the three year retreat of the lamas with all the symbolic and energetic yogas and the practices of Mahâmudra et du Dzogchen associated with personal retreats.

the study program of the traditional college or Shedra (18 modules) with the 90 modules of the five levels. It constitutes a study option that can be done during the five levels.

In general, each module of the 108 transmission includes a video of an introductory teaching. Each series of video and/or teachings comes with a textbook with : a plan, synopsis, a heuristic diagram and a main text from the transcriptions of Rinpoche’s teachings. And educational tools : questions and exercises, references to the « Treasury of knowledge », a bibliography and tests of self evaluation.

For years Denys Rinpoche has been working hard to organize a program of complete transmission. It has been possible thanks to the cooperation of a number of transcribers and people who helped and are helping in different ways. He thanks them from the bottom of his heart and also encourages anyone to offer their help in this transcription and editor’s work which is excellent study practice and the work of a true bodhisattva at the service of the dharma and all its practitioners.

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