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Support the webcast project

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For years Denys Rinpoche prepared a complete transmission program of the Buddha tradition and its yogic lineage Shangpa Kagyü « Mahâmudra-Dzogchen ». He wished to pass on the inheritance received from his Master Vajradhâra Kalu Rangjung Künchab, as holder of the lineage. And thus he organised 108 transmissions of the complete tradition, in French for today’s practitioners.

The webcast is addressed to anyone (listener, apprentice, practitioner or elder) wishing to get into this complete transmission, at home, online, live or by listening to the recorded program, using the information and communication technology (ICT).

The 108 transmissions

In a general way, each transmission corresponds to a module with an introductory teaching video and a textbook consisted of a plan, synopsis, heuristic diagram and a main text taken from the transcription of the teachings of Denys Rinpoche. Each textbook also uses educational tools : questions and exercises, references to the "Treasury of knowledge », a bibliography and self evaluation tests.

The webcast

The webcast offers a direct contact practicably everyday with Denys Rinpoche and contributes to the creation of these 108 modules of the complete transmission using, at first, the video archives of the Denys Rinpoche’s teachings and their broadcast and, then, the network of transcribers allowing for the constitution of a textbook for each module.

Deny Rinpoche’s teachings during his trips in France or abroad will be broadcasted from any place where a sufficient internet connection might be found.

The webcast gives the Sangha the opportunity to practice Chenrezi, the Buddha of immense kindness, together, at home or in your closest Sangha Loka, live from Avalon.

You can check out the transmission program by clicking here.

Initial and current costs

The webcast project needed big technical work and a high budget. It was practically entirely financed by « Dana ». And so it’s thanks to you, your donations, punctual or regular, that this project initiated by Denys Rinpoche became real. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Allocated budget for the creation of the webcast 19.750 €
Monthly subscriptions 370 €/month
The equipment cost of a Sangha Loka* 600 € + 40 € of internet subscription

*29 Sangha Lokas exist in France and abroad

Short term evolution

  • Oleksandra Yaromova, director of the report on the first Kagyü Mönlams in France at the Karma Ling Institut in 2012 and Gold Buddha winner of the best report is joining our webcast team as video editor and technical adviser. Following her recommendations we need to become more professional by acquiring professional and mobile video and audio software.
Estimated cost of the technical advancement 6.000 €
  • The temple of the « house of wisdom » requires studio type lighting in order to get the best possible video image. Today’s exposure is very insufficient. We are currently using calls for tenders for this project.
Estimated costs of the MS lighting Study pending...

Make a donation

If you wish to financially help accomplish Denys Rinpoche’s vision, you can make a donation or contact the Dana (donation) sector.

Make a donation using the donation form online at your disposal
Make a donation using a bank transfer. Download the DANA account information by clicking on the this link (format PDF).
PDF - 62.7 kb
Coordonnées compte DANA
Contact the Dana sector via the contact form, select the address DANA
by phone, contact Lodröma, the person is charge of Dana at +33(0)

Thank you for your support !

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