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Transcribers needed

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Following the same inspiration for Rinpoche’s vision to create a textbook of the 108 modules of the complete transmission, we call upon any transcribers willing to help us with the teachings broadcasted via the webcast.

We would like to warmly thank anyone who might have already participated and who helped us tremendously. Rinpoche teaches seven days a week, so we need to maintain a good speed in order to quickly acquire raw material to create the future textbooks. This is one of the reasons why we need to transcribe each teaching.

The transcripts are also used as archives and indexing of the teachings, for future video editing directed by Oleksandra Yaromova, in direct collaboration with Rinpoche.
Oleksandra is the director of the film on the first Shangpa Kagyü Mönlam in France at Karma Ling Institut en 2012.
But to transcribe is also a practice, a way to deeply get into the teachings.

Please refer to the page of each recorded program in order to check if a transcription is needed or if the work has already been accomplished. Contact us to know first hand which teaching needs a transcriber.

For more information on trancription, please refer to this article To transcribe, a practice in itself

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