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Thursday’s practice : Lüjin

Chö Tradition from Padampa Sangyé by Machik Lapdrön and others

Lüjin - the short offering of the body

« It is a teaching that allows us to positively accept the undesirable, to transcend adverse factors, to realize that all gods and demons are our own mind and to break loose from the arrogance of the egoistic clinging using the knowledge of the fundamental equality between Self and Other. »
Djamgoeun Kontrul Rinpotché

On his arrival in Tibet, Chö became one of the eight great traditions of the practice of the Vajrayâna. It is a lineage, a practice, a tradition developed in all the Tibetan schools of the Vajrayâna.
We can recognize Chö by the practice of Lüjin, the one we do every Thursday evening. It is essential not to separate the practice from its context : a full and complete transmission.

One practices Chö in the intelligence of the Prajnâpâramitâ and the kindness of Bodhicitta. Kindness and intelligence, benevolence and understanding are two aspects not only of the Mahâyâna but also of the practice of Chö.

The practice of relational Chö, the offering of the body, is like the practice of Tonglen. It is the radical form where you fully and totally welcome what would usually reject : all your demons ! To offer ourselves in a transformation practice, to those, to what, to whom we wouldn’t usually offer ourselves. The notion of demon is very profound and a demon possesses you. So we could call it a state of possession but it would be too romantic. What possesses us is the dualistic clinging.So to each different state of clinging, at their level and in their context, corresponds many kinds of demons.
And when a demon comes, alone or in a group, welcome it with no reserve and offer him everything we wishes, offer yourself but in a transformation process. His body becomes "amrita" that is the healing nectar, the nectar of life that calms and frees the demon. You satisfy him by offering everything he lacks, everything he considered belonged to him : a karmic debt, an unresolved problem.

Djétsun Milarépa declared: « If you believe a demon to be real, he will harm you, know that he is a figment of your imagination and you will be free from them. Recognize his vacuity and you will have cut him».

Demons thrive on fear and in NO ! But the practice of Chö is a way to transcend our fears and gives us the power to open ourselves to a whole new dimension of peace, beyond NO !, in YES !

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