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Questions and problems

Here is a small list of problems that you might encounter.


Connecting problems

  • No sound !
  • The video doesn’t appear :
    • Wait a bit (30 sec to 1 min) that the flow precharges
    • Check if a program is scheduled at that time
    • We may be having a technical problem that we are trying to resolve.
  • It regularly stops working :
    • Check that no other program is using your internet connection (downloading, video player, radio online, games etc.). If that’s the case, close them. As a last resort, press the button F5 of your keyboard to refresh the page.
    • Is your internet connection sufficient enough to show the webcast ? A ADSL 1 mega connection is necessary. About 90% of France is covered.
    • A technical problem on our end is possible, whether it is because our internet connection is dysfunctional or because of our specific operator.
    • In case of thunder, our computer system works on an inverter (batteries) and we can hold on for about 10 to 15 min without any power. Beyond it will shut down until full recovery. We have noticed inconvenient internet shut downs during strong flashes of lightning. This cuts all liaison from 10 to 30 seconds but we cannot do anything about this. Karma Ling is situated in a mountainous and ferruginous region so, each clap of thunder close by has more or less an impact on our electric and computer system.

Various problems

  • The control bar for sound and full screen doesn’t appear : Press on the button F5 of your keyboard to recharge it. The player will show the bar correctly.
  • NEW - Uses of Mac (Apple), to download the differed program, follow these instructions :
    • Keep the button CTRL pushed and click on the link "download the video" or "download the audio file" (according to your choice)
    • A window will open and chose "save target as ..."
    • A new window will open and chose the place where you wish to store the file.
    • The downloading will start.

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