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What is the webcast ?

A brief but complete description

Two types of transmission exists : video and/or audio.


The webcast is a live video broadcast, on internet, of an even. This even is either available to all or available using a password or paying a fee for each viewing.

We wish that the entire Communauté Rimay has access to the teachings of the Buddha passed on by Denys Rinpoché in the spirit of sharing.

The broadcast is available via the website and visible not only on a computer but also on a mobile phone, a touchpad or any compatible device. The restriction depends on the speed of your connection. An ADSL 1 mega connection will suffice.

The recorded program

Unlike the live program, the recorded program doesn’t demand a high speed connection because the video may be charged in advance and watched later on. However a high speed connection is better to avoid any waiting.


  • the recorded program is available for a period of 15 days
  • you can also download the teachings on your computer and listen to them later.

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