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Sound problems

For Windows

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For some of you, the sound of the live and/or recorded program is very poor, sometimes you just hear crackling. It seems a simple regulation on windows is need to solve the problem. Below is the procedure to follow for windows 7 (it is relatively the same for other versions of windows). This solution was tested and works. If you find another, do not hesitate to inform us.

Step 1

Click right on the sound icon, this will open a menu, choose PLAYBACK DEVICE.

Step 2

The window shown below will open. Click on your sound device (here SPEAKERS) then click on PROPERTIES.

Step 3

A new windows will then open, chose the tab ADVANCED STATISTICS.

You need to select in the list "default format" the following format : 16 bits, 44100 Hz (Quality CD) and tick the two boxes below.

REMARK : if this format is selected, chose another one at random, click on the button "APPLY" then reselect the format 16 bits, 44100 Hz (Quality CD).

To finish, click on APPLY than OK on all the windows opened. Reload your navigator if necessary.

We wish this will help you. Good luck !

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